Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the bakery?

Our bakery is located at 30 Tai Seng Street #08-03C Breadtalk Building, Singapore 534013. We are a 3-minute walk away from Tai Seng MRT. All guests will need to register at Level 1 (Lift lobby beside UOB) before proceeding to Level 8. Once you have arrived at Level 8, we are located at the end of the hallway.

What are your timings for collection?

Cake collection is available from 9am to 6pm (Mondays – Sundays)

What do I do if my cake gets damaged after I pick it up?

We strongly advise our customers to thoroughly inspect the cake at the time of collection to ensure it meets their expectations and is in good condition.Once the cake is collected and confirmed to be in satisfactory condition, we are unable to take responsibility for any damages that occur thereafter. Cakes are delicate items, and once they leave our premises, we cannot control how they are handled or stored.
However, if you notice any issues with the cake at the time of collection, please bring it to our attention immediately. We’ll do our best to rectify the situation and ensure your satisfaction with our product.

Do you offer delivery services?

Yes, we do work with a delivery partner to provide cake delivery services.

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Same-day delivery may be available for certain products. If you’re unable to order online, please WhatsApp us at +6582817688.

What are your delivery time slots?

Cake delivery is available in 4 time slots from 9am – 7pm (Mondays – Saturdays excluding Tuesdays), 9am to 5pm (Tuesdays) and 2 time slots from 9am to 1pm (Sundays)

What if my cake turns up damaged?

We kindly request customers to check the cake upon delivery to ensure that it’s in good condition. While we take utmost care in packaging and handling our cakes, damages can occasionally occur during transit. Therefore, it’s crucial to inspect the cake upon receipt. If any issues or damages are noticed upon delivery, please notify our delivery personnel immediately. We’ll do our best to address the situation and ensure your satisfaction.

However, if the cake is confirmed to be in good condition upon receipt and damages are discovered later, we regretfully cannot accept responsibility. Due to the delicate nature of cakes and the potential for mishandling after delivery, we encourage customers to inspect and handle the cake with care once it’s in their possession.

What happens if the delivery attempt for my order fails?

If nobody is home when we try to deliver the cake, our delivery team will try to reach the recipient a few times. If we can’t reach them or if delivery fails after several tries, our drivers may leave your cake in a secure and sheltered corner if no one is available to receive it at the time of delivery, or if deemed unsafe they will bring the cake back to our bakery. If this happens, please get in touch with our customer service team to plan another delivery or provide a different address. Please note, there might be extra charges for re-delivery attempts.

Can changes be made to orders after confirmation?

Certainly, any changes to orders are possible within 3-5 working days before your scheduled collection or delivery date. However, please note that amendments made after confirming your order will be subjected to a $10 administrative fee.

Can orders be canceled once confirmed?

Once your order is confirmed, it goes into our backend processing system, where we work hard to ensure it’s delivered to you promptly. Please note that confirmed orders cannot be canceled or refunded. This policy helps us maintain efficient operations and uphold the quality standards you expect from us.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept various payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayNow, and Atome.

How far in advance should I place an order for a custom cake?

Due to limited slots for customised cakes, we suggest ordering them 3 weeks to a month ahead to avoid disappointment. For gourmet cakes and cupcakes, we provide same-day collection or delivery. If you’re unable to order online, please WhatsApp us at +6582817688.

What are your bakery’s operating hours for ordering?

Our online store is open 24/7 hence, you can order anytime. For custom cakes, message us on WhatsApp at +65 82817688, and we’ll typically respond within 3 hours.

What should I do if I encounter technical difficulties while ordering from the website?

If you encounter technical issues while ordering from the website, you can contact our customer service team via email at [email protected] or by sending us a WhatsApp message at +65 82817688. We’re available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

How should I store my cake after receiving it?

After receiving your cake, it’s best to store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Best behaved in air-conditioned room. Our cupcakes are best enjoyed at room temperature.

  • If not consumed within 24 hours, they can be frozen for up to 10 days.
  • To thaw, leave them at room temperature for 2–3 hours before serving.
Can I refrigerate my cake in the chiller?

Yes, our cakes can lasts 3 days in the chiller. Do ensure it’s stored in an airtight container to prevent it from drying out or absorbing odors from other foods in the fridge. Thaw the cake about 30 minutes to 1 hour before serving.

How long can I keep my cake at room temperature?

Cakes with buttercream or fondant frosting can typically be kept at room temperature for up to 1.5 hours, away from direct sunlight and in air-conditioned room. Gourmet cakes can lasts 5 hours at room temperature.

Can I freeze my cake for later consumption?

Yes, you can freeze your cake. Our cakes can lasts up to 7 days in the freezer. Ensure it’s tightly wrapped in plastic wrap or stored in an airtight container to retain moisture. Thaw the cake in the refrigerator overnight, or at least 2 hours before serving.

Why does my fondant cake sweat when taken out of the fridge?

Fondant cakes may sweat when removed from the fridge because condensation forms on the fondant surface when it meets warmer air. This happens as the cake’s temperature changes quickly from cold to warm environments.

How can I stop my fondant cake from sweating?

To reduce sweating, let the fondant cake slowly adjust to room temperature by placing it in a cool, dry spot for a few hours before serving. Try not to touch the fondant to avoid leaving fingerprints or smudges.

Will sweating affect the fondant decorations on my cake?

Excessive moisture from sweating can soften or distort fondant decorations. To prevent this, handle the cake gently and keep it away from direct sunlight or humid places.

What cake flavors are available for customized cakes?

You can explore our full flavor selection here
All flavors are open for customization, excluding durian flavours.

Does Creme Maison Bakery provide personalised cupcake decorations?

Absolutely! Recognizing the significance of customisation, we’re delighted to offer custom fondant decorations for
various occasions such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and corporate events. Moreover, cupcakes can be adorned with personal monograms, corporate logos, or replicated photos on fondant. Alternatively, cupcakes can be embellished with edible images, featuring edible ink printed on rice paper that adheres to the icing. For inquiries regarding customized cupcake orders, please reach out to us at +65 82817688, where a Manager will be happy to assist you. For corporate orders spanning multiple locations or recipients, kindly contact us directly at [email protected].

Are there vegetarian-friendly options?

All our cakes, except for durian tiramisu containing fish gelatin, are suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians as they contain dairy and eggs. However, we currently do not offer any vegan cake options.

Do you provide nut-free options?

Certainly! We have nut-free options available for individuals with nut allergies.

Do you offer gift messaging options for orders?

Yes, we provide gift messaging options for orders. Simply select the gift card option during checkout and include a personalised message for your recipient.

Will the cake and candles be included with collection or delivery?

Yes, every order comes with a cake knife and candle. Additional candles are available for purchase at $0.20 each.

Can I request a specific design or create my own for customisation?

Certainly! We’ll strive to create the cake you envision for your celebration. Please reach out to us via WhatsApp at +65 82817688. Feel free to send us a picture of the cake you’d like to customise, and we can discuss the details further.

Are gift boxes available for gifting?

Certainly! We offer a variety of gifting options which you can explore here

Can I customise desserts for my baby’s full month, birthdays, or my betrothal ceremony?

Absolutely! We provide this service.
For baby full month boxes, please click here.
For Guo Da Li, please click here.
For newborn milestone cakes, please click here.

Are dark-colored buttercream cakes safe to eat?

Yes, our dark-colored buttercream cakes are safe to eat. We use food safe coloring and ingredients to achieve the desired color without compromising taste or quality.

Will the food coloring stain my teeth or mouth?

While dark-colored buttercream may leave a slight tint temporarily, it’s harmless and will fade with regular brushing. We suggest enjoying dark-colored buttercream cakes in moderation.

Can I request a specific shade or color for my dark-colored buttercream cake?

Certainly! We welcome custom requests for specific shades or colors. Just let us know your preferences when placing your order, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. Please bear in mind that since all our cakes are handmade, achieving an exact 100% match of color shades may not be possible as colours may vary between photos and in person.

Are synthetic items like wires and straws safe for use in cakes to hold cake decorations?

Synthetic items are typically used to provide structural support for cake decorations and are not intended to be eaten. They are food-safe and specifically designed for use in cake decorating. Please exercise caution when removing them before serving the cake for consumption.

Do you customise cakes or desserts for corporate events?

Yes, we specialise in customising cakes and desserts to match your company’s needs and branding.

For what corporate events are your cakes suitable?

Our cakes and desserts are suitable for various corporate events such as company anniversaries, product launches, employee recognition events, client meetings, and more.

Can you replicate our company logo or branding on the cakes?

Certainly! We can replicate your company logo or branding on cakes using edible printing techniques, adding a personalised touch to your event.

Do you accommodate large orders for corporate events?

Absolutely! We can handle large orders for corporate events. Please get in touch in advance to discuss your specific requirements and place your order.

Do you offer personalised packaging or gift options for corporate orders?

Yes, we provide personalised packaging and gift options for corporate orders. We can customise packaging with your company logo or branding.