Meet our partners


Touch base with us! We love to explore new ideas and work with like-minded businesses in the following ways:
Website Collaboration, Content Collaborations, Giveaways, Cross-Marketing Collaborations, Placement Collaborations and more.
For potential collaboration opportunities, hit us up at [email protected]

  • WeddingCrafters


    It all begins with a visual in our heads – a vision of what we want to achieve with the fabric in front of us.Tulle, organza, crepe, lace – endless possibilities. Bit by bit we polish that idea, bringing it alive from draft to form, to a finished piece hanging on our racks – each one a proud handiwork and an extension of the personality of our designers.

    Uniquely handcrafted, just for our #WCBrides.

  • Invited


    Invited is an wedding, event styling and prop rental company that transforms spaces to tell your story uniquely. As Experience Designers, our philosophy is to style your celebration and delivering stories within any space that is unique to you.

  • Foodline


    FoodLine was created in 2009 when Joseph & Shawn tried to find caterers for their events, and realised it was hard to find suitable ones due to lack of reviews. To help others like them, they created a catering review portal, FoodLine. In late 2013, due to demand, they changed FoodLine to become a one stop catering portal for people to order catering and browse reviews.