Here’s why parents are opting for buttercream cakes

Does this scenario sound familiar? After a lively celebration, you notice that while the buttercream on the cake disappears quickly, the fondant decorations remain largely untouched. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, know that you’re not alone. 

Many parents are now opting for buttercream cakes with fondant toppers to strike a balance in reducing leftover waste and ensuring that every element of the cake is enjoyed to the fullest. At Creme Maison Bakery, we provide options that cater to this practical yet aesthetic choice, offering beautifully designed cakes with just the right amount of fondant toppers to elevate your celebration without excess.

Less Fondant, Less Wastage

This practical approach extends to cupcakes as well, especially showcased in our popular Princess Pull-Apart Cupcakes. Here, we prioritise crafting only adorable character faces from fondant, avoiding additional elements and reducing costs and wastage. This allows us to pipe on more luxurious buttercream.

3D Fondant Toppers on Buttercream Cakes

Here’s the perfect balance for your child’s cake needs—Creme Maison Bakery’s classic sponge cake with rich buttercream filling. Opt for charming fondant toppers that feature specific characters or elements of your choice, like 3D fondant Paw Patrol members. This way, you get the best of both worlds: a personalised touch without overwhelming fondant elements, ensuring a delightful treat for your little one’s celebration.

For our Noah’s Ark cake, it boasts buttercream frosting with subtle fondant waves, ensuring clients enjoy the design without the hassle of peeling off excess fondant. For an added touch of fun and flavour, you can consider topping your buttercream creation with mini donuts or sprinkles.

Rest assured, this approach not only minimises overall fondant wastage but also offers a more cost-effective option compared to full fondant cakes. At our bakery, even with buttercream, we offer a spectrum of shades ranging from mesmerising ombre to elegant solids, all tailored to your preferences. Our expert team meticulously selects the perfect shade to complement your theme or vision.

Small Buttercream Cakes

Another delightful alternative focused on buttercream frosting with small, hand-sculpted fondant details like cat ears or animal faces is our safari-themed cakes. Ideal for smaller parties, these cakes prioritise quality ingredients and feature low in sugar buttercream recipes.


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