Why Buttercream is Everyone’s Favourite

The Scoop On Our Buttercream Cakes

Ever wondered why more people are opting for buttercream on their cakes and cupcakes? From its rich flavour to its smooth texture and endless versatility, buttercream is winning hearts everywhere. 

Healthier Choice

Buttercream is made with natural ingredients such as real butter and sugar, unlike fondant, which often contains artificial additives and high amounts of sugar. 

Smooth and Creamy Texture

Buttercream’s smooth and velvety consistency makes every bite melt in your mouth. It perfectly complements any cake, enhancing the overall taste experience.

Stability and Shelf Life

Buttercream is stable at room temperature, which means your cakes are a reliable choice for events where cakes might be on display for some time before serving.

More Cost-Effective

Unlike fondant, which can be more expensive due to its intricate work, buttercream is easier to work with and more cost-effective.

Taste the difference